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Cialis vs Viagra, Medicine for Men

 The most “dreadful” pathology for the stronger sex is perhaps the erectile dysfunction, when a man becomes unable to perform sexually. It seriously hurts man’s pride and self-confidence. Despite the fact that sexual disorders don’t influence on general physiological state, don’t make feel physically worse, and don’t cause pains, the negative psychological impact is difficult to overestimate: men become depressed, dispirited, unsociable, and as a result they draw into their shell.

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Depression and antidepressant drugs. Prozac.

 Traditional oriental medicine recognizes that all illnesses arise in depths of our minds, and only after that they materialize in reality. Official medicine has recently inclined towards this very explanation of the nature of illnesses. That is why during increasing mental stresses the role of the medicines that relieve emotional strains also increases.
Depression and antidepressant drugs

Depression is a state of low mental condition, emotional dejection, feeling of hopelessness, accompanied with a bleak outlook, when nothing seems to get better; the patient is liable to fixed distressing thoughts and a loss of interest in life (which can become a reason for suicide) and sleeping disorders.

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Art of kissing

Men women kissingblow them to ourselves, touch our parents’ cheeks with our lips, smack the noses of our favorite toys, but all this cannot be compared with a real grown-up kiss between two people. Here comes the most interesting part – complexes and fears about our inability to kiss. I am going to reveal a little secret to you – even a lot of adult and experienced people have the same fears. We are all unique, what appeals to one person can be unattractive to another one; therefore the art of kissing is a life long study…. read full text

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Diflucan (fluconazole): one more medicine for a Candidiasis

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Probably, there is no woman who would not face though once this muck. An itch, a boring, discomfort and, as consequence, bad mood and deterioration of state of health. A Candidiasis presently – not a sentence, and ascertaining of the unpleasant fact. It can be cured, and for this purpose there is a mass of agents. For example, a diflucan.

Diflucan – the commercial name of a preparation the fluconazole, each capsule of a diflucan contains (depending on the release form) 50, 100, 150 and 200 mg a fluconazole. In packagings with a dosage of 50 and 100 mg the capsule on 150-200 mg in a box only one contains on seven or twenty eight capsules, but. Except a fluconazole, in a capsule some additional neutral materials – lactose, starch corn, silicon dioxide colloidal, magnesium stearic, a sodium lauryl sulphate contain also. The diflucan also is issued in a powder for preparation of suspension for intake in vials on 50 ml and in the form of solution for intravenous infusions. Read more

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Sex after childbirth – the most intimate questions

Many mummies after childbirth experience difficulties with returning by a sexual life. These difficulties can be caused physiological processes, psychological unavailability of mother to renewal of sexual relations or is simple fears which can be overcome easily in dialogue with attitudes the person
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Female Orgasm: The Guidebook For Women

To reach an orgasm at all so it is simple – if you the woman! Almost all men without effort reach an orgasm with any partner, however women are arranged differently. However, the most regrettable at all it, and that to the overwhelming majority of men and women this fact remains to unknown persons. …Click here to read more

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Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms are individual and various at different women; however, undoubtedly, the most known and true sign of pregnancy – disturbance of amenstrual cycle. It is very important to be able to define signs of pregnancy as each of them can specify not only in pregnancy, but on disease.

At some women the first signs of pregnancy appear within a week after conception. At others such symptoms appear only in some weeks, or do not appear at all at all. We bring to your attention the list of some most widespread signs of pregnancy.  …..Click here to read more

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On a way to orgasm: 4 true steps

Affairs are put aside, time for love has come. You are already ready to next “session”, with impatience wait for it, but there is one thin moment: you again are not assured, that will reach an orgasm. It repeats over and over again, and you do not understand, that you do not so, that dements you. But it is not necessary so strongly to worry – free to reach higher peak of love pleasure is necessary to remember some receptions which, undoubtedly, will help to test all scale of feelings which the act of love for everyone should carry.

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Menarche (First Menses)

The organism of the woman is arranged very difficult, for the first time the girl faces these complexities at teenage age when she has a first menses in this connection, there comes reorganization of work of all organism. The set of nuances of maturing and work of a female organism demand an explanation and it is better, if during this period to the girl will explain, that particularly occurs in her organism.

That Occurs In An Organism Of The Girl In Period “Reorganization”

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How To Cause The Menstruation

Any disturbances of a menstrual cycle signal that in an organism of the woman there has come any failure. Some women, consider, that it is possible to arrange this failure independently by means of tablets or folk remedies. For example, it is necessary to go on the sea, and here such trouble, as menstruation. But after all we now have so much medicines – really nothing can be made?

The menstrual cycle is a hormonal background of the woman

By means of a menstrual cycle the organism prepares for possiblepregnancy. It is very difficult process in which all endocrine system of an organism takes part.

All changes in an organism during a menstrual cycle commands a brain in which organs (a hypothalamus and a pituitary gland) which allocate the hormones regulating all cycle are located.

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